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Graduate School

Television Sitcom Pilot Script/Thesis: 

Doggagers Treatment and Pitch Deck

In graduate school, I learned all about the essential needs for creating and developing a great television series. I took classes that involved the topics of producing, development, entertainment business, digital media, and script writing. 

For my thesis, the communication department loved the silly television script that I wrote in sitcom writing that they suggested that I think about using it for my thesis. It was such a fun project and show to develop from scratch. I created a treatment for my television sitcom series Doggagers (Dog-Momagers - inspired). I got the idea for the show after having a hilarious in depth discussion of a dog show that my hairstylist in Boston went to. My 100-page treatment is far to large to include. However, the whole treatment included everything a producer would need to develop the show (budgets, schedules, cast, scripts, characters, purpose...etc.).

Doggagers is mocumentary-style sitcom that follows a group of obsessed boujee dog owners who love their dogs  like their children and would do anything to get to the top of the dog performance world. A new Southern lady and her adopted limping blood hound Chicken Shizzel move into the exclusive rich neighborhood in Beverly Hills and decide to compete to show the community that you do not have to be perfect to win. 

All the characters are quirky and fun! It was a blast to work on.

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