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Grown Woman Mentality 



Grown Woman Metality Podcast: Coming Soon!

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Radio: Girl Talk, 99.3 WLRZ

"Girl Talk" is a Lenoir-Rhyne student radio show I hosted, scripted and produced on Fridays from 5-7 p.m.  Topics for the show included female-related issues including perspectives on relationships, pop-culture, and college life.  A phone line was answered where advice was given to callers and interviews were conducted of LR students.


As the producer, I chose discussion topics, casted the "Girl Talk" voices, created innovative ideas for marketing to new listeners, and provided technical assistance.

Girl Talk Radio Show Interview - Interviewer: Jessica Hogan Interviewee: Amber Walser
WLRZ News Spot - Jessica Hogan, Girl Talk Radio Host
WLRZ DJ Drop - Jessica Hogan, Girl Talk Radio Host
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